The Rockall Club

Below is The Rockall Club's most up to date record of landings and expeditions to Rockall.

7th Century - Navigatio Sacti Brendani thought to describe Rockall, including dimensions, and possible landing (?)
1686 Shipwreck on Rockall, Spanish and French survivors reach St. Kilda
1716 ‘Rokol’ mentioned by Martin Martin in ‘A Description of the Western Islands’
1810 ‘Discovery’ by HMS Endymion, with Lt. Basil Hall RN onboard
1811 FIRST RECORDED LANDING, party including Lt. Basil Hall RN and Mr. T. Harvey (2, total unclear)
1824 ‘The Helen’ shipwrecked, giving name to 'Helen's Reef - previously 'East Breaker' or 'East Rock''                                                                   1831 Possible landing from HMS Pike during survey by Capt. A.T.E.Vidal RN (?)
1839 'Charlotte' of Hull wrecked on Rockall around Christmas                                                                                                                                 1856 Party landed from Colonel Gascoigne's yacht 'Myra' (1+)                                                                                                                               1862 Landing from HMS Porcupine by Mr. Johns (1)                                                                                                                                                1887 Possible landing from the 'Undine' (1)
1887 Reported landing by Faroese fishermen in Dimmalætting newspaper, from 'Delfinen' and 'Gauntlet' (2)                                                       1888 Daniel Davidsen and brother Ole land (2)
1888 (circa) Possible landing from the Grimsby fishing smack 'Great Surprise' (1)
1896 Two aborted attempts to land by the Royal Irish Academy from 'The Granuaile'
1904 ‘The Norge’ shipwrecked by Rockall, 630+ people die
1921 Landing from French ship ‘Pourquoi-Pas?’ (2), plus second landing (2)
1948 Mr MT Bizony, from Fleetwood trawler 'Bulby', swims around Rockall on a float
1955 British annexation of Rockall from HMS Vidal (4)
1959 Party land from HMS Cavendish, led by Lt Cdr CPR Collis, discover 1955 plaque disappeared (8)
1969 Landing from HMS Hecla by Lt. John Stafferton and others (6)
1971 'Operation Top Hat' - Summit of Rockall removed by 39 Regiment, RE including Mike Wales, from RFA Engadine (11)
1972 Rockall Act receives Royal Assent. Navigation light installed in June by Department of Trade and Industry from RFA Engadine (10)     1973 Brian Snowdon and Tim Walker landed from RFA Tidepool to repair light (2)
1974 Landing by Lt Cdr Ben Chilcott and team from HMS Tiger to repair navigation light (4)
1974 Royal Marines ‘guard’ Rockall, landed from HMS Tartar (photo assumed fake, published in The Telegraph in 1985)
1975 Landing by William Dick from 'Verve' - named a feature Paul's Cave and collected sample from Hasslewood Rock (1)
1975 Engineering team from HMS Tiger land and install seismic equipment in beacon housing (5)
1977 Landing by Brian Cunningham, David Ramsden and Tony Collingridge from 'Malaprop' (3)                                                                             1977 Landing by 512 STRE Doppler Survey team (3)
1978 Landing by The Dangerous Sports Club (8)                                                                                                                                                     1981 Landing by helicoper from HMS Hermes (?)                                                                                                                                                      1982 RAF Kinloss MRT and Board of Trade landing by Chinook, John Coull, Derek Scott, Steve Ross & Dave 'Heavy' Whalley (4)
1985 Tom McClean landing - 40 DAY SOLO RECORD, first to sleep on Rockall and without shelter, first planning application (1)
1988 Landing from RFA Fort Austin 2nd June, Lt.Cdr, DJ Brimell, Kev Slade, Maurice Watts (5)
1988 Nature Conservancy Council landing from FPV Noma - FIRST FEMALE LANDING, Sue Hiscock (10)
1992 Bingham Sub Aqua Club Expedition (5)                                                                                                                                                            1992 Lt. Mark teasdale RN landed by helicopter from HMS Brave   (1)                                                                                                                         1996 Landing from HMS Gloucester by Lt Steven Goodrich and Able Seaman Cload (2)
1997 Greenpeace landing - 42 DAY OCCUPATION RECORD, replaced navigation aid (7)
1998 Second Greenpeace landing to upgrade navigation aid (8) - 3 overnight
2003 Unsuccessful 'Rockall Times' landing
2005 Ben Fogle's unsuccessful attempt to land and proclaim ‘Ben Land'
2005 Second 'Rockall Times' team expedition (9)
2005 Landing by Larry Hynes and Kevin O'Callaghan from the 'Killary Flyer' (2)
2008 Landing from the 'Elinca' (6)
2009 Unsuccessful Belgian Radio HAM expedition
2011 Second Belgian Radio HAM expedition from Commandant Fourcault - overnight, without shelter (2)
2012 The Rockall Jubilee Expedition, landing by Nick Hancock from Orca 3 - 1st Tweet and Facebook update sent from Rockall (1)
2013 Unsuccessful landing attempt by Nick Hancock in support of Help for Heroes.                                                                                               2014 Successful 45 day record occupation by Nick Hancock, including two landings from Orca 3 (9)                                                          2016 Neil McGrigor's RIB expedition - 1st landing by RIB, new navigation beacon installed (4)                                                                              2017 Safehaven Marine's 'Long Way Round' circumnavigation of Ireland via Rockall                                                                                 2020 Extreme Traveller International Congress (ETIC) expedition (1)

Total authenticated Rockall landings to date: 138 individuals; 3 individuals have been verified as landing more than once.

If you have any information regarding other landings or corrections to this list please email The Secretary.